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Medium Voltage Couplers

With the best performance

Medium Voltage Couplers

5KV - 8KV | 15KV - 25KV

Reliability, corrosion resistant and long life The formulated aluminum alloy body makes it resistant to extreme conditions in the most demanding fields (temperatures, abrasion, hostile climates).
Resistance to acids and UV rays.

Manufacture of couplers for medium voltage under standards:

Standards under which couplers are tested:


Products are innovated to offer better performance to your operations

Our products

Low Voltage Couplers

The Couplers or coupling systems are manufactured for G-GC, SHD-GC or similar low voltage mining cables that cover a range from 600 to 2,000 volts.

Medium Voltage Couplers

Reliability, corrosion resistant and long life. The formulated aluminum alloy body makes it resistant to extreme conditions.

Outlet Boards

It is used to control the residual current in high resistance earthing installations and to control the continuity of the trailing cable.

Unipolar Connectors

Mining and industrial grade watertight, shock and impact resistant single pole connectors.

Splitter Box 25KV 800A

3-Way Box Splitters are used in open pit mining, underground mining and pit operations.

Cable Splices

The cable vulcanizer is manufactured in aluminum with steel and iron components, it ensures temperature control and provides optimal conditions for a perfect cable repair.

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